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What is Free Length Blasting?

Blasting stones come out of marble and stone quarries. For this reason, split face stones are in the class of natural stones. As it is known, natural stones are both robust and healthier. Because of their quality and durability, maintenance-free split face marble products are highly preferred thanks to their product lifetimes.

Blasting Stone Models

There are many different types of free size split face stone models and different split face marble models. As Tgtile; Free Size Tundra Gray Marble, Free Size Travertine Marble, Free Size Burdur Beige Marble, Free Size Limestone Marble, Muğla White Split Faced Free Size Marble is split stone types and split face stone models sold by our company.

Free Length Split Marble Prices

Blasting stone prices; It varies according to the model and type of free size split face stone. Because they are natural stones, the prices of these split face stones, which are very healthy and of high quality, vary between $15 and $50 per square meter on average. For detailed information about the current prices of free size split face marble, you can contact us on our   contact page. 

Marble split face prices this year, the exchange rate difference and the world's ongoing demand and supply imbalance vary. 

Free Size Travertine Marble

Travertine marble is a very valuable, natural and high quality marble type. Free size split face travertine marble is a highly preferred product. For more information about free size travertine marble, please contact us.

Free Size Burdur Beige Marble

Burdur beige marble, which has a more grayish-yellowish color than travertine marble, is a very popular product. Since it is natural stone, the healthy and quality product is sold per square meter. For more information about free size Burdur beige marble, please contact us.

Free Size Muğla White Marble

Mugla white marble, which has a white color like travertine marble, is a very used product. It is a natural stone and a blasting product, for and it is used a lot as an exterior coating.